Syrah, sometimes called syrahor hermitageis a variety of black strain. The droplet is medium in size and compact. The grain is small, thin-skinned, oval in shape and bluish in color. Its yield is low, but it is a hardy and easy to grow vine well adapted to sunny soils.

The varietal wine of the syrah is opulent, full-bodied, dark in color and with a characteristic aroma of spices and fruits. It has a good aging capacity acquiring a smoky aroma. It goes very well in blends with Grenache, Tempranillo or Monastrell.

It is a variety native to the Rhône Valley region where it was already known to the Romans and where it is also called hermitage. According to the legend it was taken by Guy De Sterimberg that when returning of the crusades settled down like hermit. The etymology is uncertain, it would come from the Persian city of Shiraz or the Sicilian city of Syracuse.

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