Red Grenache

Red Grenache is the most cultivated Mediterranean variety in the world, used in practically all designation of origin in Catalonia.

The name comes from Vernazza, an Italian town in the Liguria region. Although the origin is uncertain, many place its origin in Aragon; in addition, in La Rioja it is known as “Tinta Aragonesa”. Other names by which Grenache is known are Garnatxa or Garnatxó in the Maresme and Northern Catalonia, Gironet in the Marina Alta, Lledoner in the Empordà, Granatxa in the Priorat, Vernatxa in the Maestrat and Terra Alta, Negrella in Valencia, Canonau in l’Alguer (Cannonau in Sard) and Grenache in França, California and Australia.

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