Orujo Viña Armenteira Hierbas

Orujo Viña Armenteira Hierbas


Orujo Viña Armenteira Hierbas is from Galician.


Orujo Viña Armenteira Hierbas is from Galician.

Preparation and aging

At the harvest, after the grapes have been pressed and the must fermented, the bagasse is collected from the farms themselves. After a month, the distillation begins, which is carried out by our own staff and in our own facilities. 6 copper stills or “legs” are used, as tradition dictates. It is heated strongly at the beginning, to activate the boiling and produce the entrainment, by the first bubbles of ethanol, of the most volatile substances.

This first product, which in technical jargon is called “distillation heads”, despite having a large amount of alcohol, is of low quality and is not advisable to save. After a while, the heat is turned down and the distillation of the real Galician Orujo continues gently and slowly. At any given moment, the alcohol is used up, giving rise to unpleasant-tasting substances appearing in the distillate. They are the so-called “distillation tails”, which are removed.

The distillation of each “potada” lasts approximately 5 hours. Subsequently, the “heart” pomace is distilled again, repeating the previous process. This second distillation gives the brandy great finesse and softness. Throughout the process, the traditional system is followed faithfully, even improving it through the elimination of heads and tails in the two distillations. The pomace thus obtained is left to rest for a few months so that it balances out. Later it stabilizes at temperatures of 10ºC below zero.

This dry pomace is sweetened and macerated with herbs typical of the leafy valley of O Rosal. The macerated, now without herbs, is left to age in barrels for a year. During this time, the alcohol dissolves tannins and other substances from the American oak, achieving the balance between sweetness and bitterness that is difficult to achieve in other drinks. The 38ºC alcohol level goes unnoticed in the throat, leaving a feeling of softness. The aroma is the compendium of the fineness of white pomace, the aromaticity of herbs and the spicy touch of oak wood.


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