Xarel·lo is a variety of white strain. The grapes are medium in size and not very compact. The grain is round, thick and thick-skinned. The plant is sensitive to frost and disease. The sprouting season is in March (early) and the ripening season is medium (late August-September).

It is a traditional variety typical of the Penedès and the Camp de Tarragona, used to blend cava together with macabeu and parellada. The xarel·lo contributes to the cava body and structure. It is one of the main varieties for white wine from the DO Alella, DO Binissalem, DO Costers del Segre, DO Penedès and DO Tarragona, but is grown almost throughout Catalonia and Mallorca.

The young wine made with xarel·lo grapes is soft, fresh and fruity. Those aged in barrels become warm, long and deep.

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