Torre de Oña

Torre de OñaIts vineyards, located at an altitude of 630 meters (almost at the limit for the cultivation of the vine in this area) are guarded by the Sierra de Cantabria. This one, acts of protective barrier stopping the wind and the cold coming from the north.

The vineyards owned by Torre d’Oña are divided into three zones according to the characteristics of the soils of each. All of them are located adjacent to each other, between the towns of Páganos and Laguardia, and have an area of ​​about 44 hectares.

In the first zone, composed of a slope of gentle erosion and of low content in organic matter and little fertile earth, stand out the varieties Tempranillo and Mazuelo. In the second, the lands with a fine silty texture, high carbonate content and Tempranillo as the predominant variety stand out. Finally, the smallest extension is dedicated exclusively to the production of its Finca San Martín wine, and is also planted with Tempranillo.

The cellar

The winery is located in a small and beautiful architectural ensemble. Integrated by the cellar, the manor house and, a little further away, the hermitage of Santiago.

Torre de Oña has a well-kept facility with Julio Sáenz at the head of the technical team. Highlights include the experimental building, where the winemaker himself carries out various tests and trials.

From the 2016 vintage, the winery modernized the facilities in order to improve the quality of the wines. One of the most unique innovations is the optical selection of grapes instead of manual selection. Therefore, a team of oenologists sets the desired quality parameters. The system selects only those that meet the established standards.

A new transport system has also been incorporated through small tanks hung from cranes that manage to eliminate the stepping and pumping phase, thus ensuring that the grapes enter the winery as whole as possible.

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    Finca Martelo 2016


    Wine: Finca Martelo

    Varieties: 94% Tempranillo and 6% Carignan, Grenache and Macabeo.

    Alcohol: 14,5%

    Winery: La Rioja Alta

    Designation of Origin: DOCa Rioja

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    Finca San Martín 2018


    Wine: Finca San Martín

    Varieties: 100% Tempranillo.

    Alcohol: 14,5%

    Winery: Torre de Oña

    Designation of Origin: DOCa Rioja