Notas Frutales de Albariño

Notas Frutales de Albariño
Notas Frutales de Albariño is located in Tea County, sheltered within the DO Rías Baixas. We have 13 hectares of our own vineyard, planted between 200-350 m. of altitude, to the right margin of the Miño river. The vineyards have an average age of 25 years, being over 45 on some of our farms.

The vines are planted in trellis, which allows them better ventilation, thus avoiding the concentration of moisture, while the plant benefits from a larger leaf area exposed to the sun, which leads to optimal ripening of the grapes. This type of driving achieves lower yields, but with a considerable increase in grape quality.
Being an inland area, the Atlantic winds arrive here attenuated, but still allowing the grapes to pick up their prized salinity.

The tasks carried out in the vineyard are manual, as is typical in an area where machining is not common in the field. All the farms are also within a radius of less than 3 kilometers from the winery. Since 2014, it has had its own building, which allows the grapes to arrive in the best health conditions.

The winery produces only two wines. La Trucha, the name is a tribute to the fish that as a child José fished with his father and grandfather in the river Miño; i Finca Garabelos, which bears the same name as the family house that has always belonged to José’s ancestors.

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