Ginatge distillation

Ginatge micro landscape distillation
Ginatge Distillation is the analysis of the flora and sensory research that guide the discovery of the Fonts del Llobregat.

Ginatge is a methodology of new approach to the landscape based on the sense of taste and taste for gin. The distillation of the botanists of a specific environment generates a perceptual pattern that is combined with the great purity of the water of the place. The result is Ginatge, the first landscape gin.

Hand-distilled gin in the traditional London Dry Gin style. Twelve botanical and aromatic plants are used in the production process. Once the flavored alcohol has been obtained, pure water from the Fonts del Llobregat is added. The result is an extremely soft and fresh gin with a good initial presence of juniper and light citrus notes.

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    Ginage is made with water (60%) extracted from the Fonts del Llobregat and alcohol (40%) from the twelve botanists, of which five are basic, plus juniper and the others are thyme, rosemary, wild mint, pine lichens, elderflower and rosehip.