Estones Vins

Estones Vins
Estones Vins is a microvinification project that starts with fun between two friends.

The project begins with Secret de Mas Sersal, which soon changed its name to Estones and ended up naming the winery itself. This wine was followed by other wines and more projects: Estones de Mishima, a collaboration with a Barcelona pop group where they shape some wines inspired by their songs.

They found the quality vineyards they were looking for in the Montsant, on two estates: the Aiguasals estate, a plot of about 10ha of sloping land, in an area bordering the DOQ Priorat, planted with Grenache and Sirà vines in slate soil, especially in the upper part; and in the municipality ofEls Guiamets, a farm of less than one ha., with old vineyards of Carignan (more than 50 years). For elaboration, they were installed in Falset, a converted space in which today three wineries share equipment and services. In addition, they also have vineyards located in Batea, in the DO Terra Alta, a region where they make all white wines.

Estones Vins seeks to offer balanced wines, in which fruit always predominates over wood; using first and second year French oak barrels from different forests. They are wines to always have on hand, fruity, expressive and pleasant.

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