Champagne Drappier

Champagne DrappierFormerly occupied by the Cistercian monks of Clairvaux, the headquarters of the house includes wonderful vaulted caves from the 12th century.
Two hundred years of climatic and economic uncertainties have not altered the passion of a deep-rooted Champagne family in this land worked a thousand times. The old vine where the wonderful sap flows, the branches that bear the fruits and the young shoots, fragile but full of promise, thank them for their loyalty during these two centuries and wish them, on the way to the tercentenary, to enjoy the numerous ‘thousands’ of bonds.
The Belle Haie, the Val Demoiselle, the Sendrée, so many pieces of landscape at the service of the Drappier cuvées. Classic vines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Meunier, unique vines such as Petit Meslier, Blanc Vrai or the rare Arbane, touches of color and flavors from our vineyard.

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