Ca Roman

Ca Roman
Artisan ratafia made from the family recipe of Ca Roman for more than 50 years. Our ratafia is made from a family recipe with more than 50 years of tradition. The women of Ca Roman (Josepa, Josefina, Rosa and Rosita) have been making this product since the 1960s for family consumption.

This fact is not unique to our family. In Rasquera, there are many houses where, for years, they have made their own ratafia.

Every house has its recipe, and this is a secret. However, there are basically two types of recipes: short and long.

At Ca Roman, we make ratafia based on the short recipe for twenty-two ingredients from the neighbor of Carrer Parral, Na Teresa Farnós (Ti Berta).

In 2008, the family recipe came into our hands (the second generation, Carme and Glòria), who year after year – and with the help of their father – we have assimilated the elaboration taking into account the units of traditional measurement (a dusting, as you see, more or less….)

After a few years of practice and always under the supervision of the most experienced women, we ventured into the adventure of undertaking and marketing the family ratafia that – until now – we only shared with friends and family.

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