Belote Vinos de Cueva

Belote Vinos de Cueva
The Belote Vinos de Cueva project begins in 2012with the help of Alberto Viejo. Our idea arose some time ago when we saw how our people were being transformed into another people. The houses began to be left empty and abandoned in a fertile land such as Terra de Campos, but in
sometimes a forgotten land.

We work with a non-interventionist philosophy. Inside a cave open with a pick and shovel, aimed at recovering the environment and maintaining the sap of a geographical area between the provinces of León, Zamora and Valladolid.

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    Belote Prieto Picudo 2016


    Wine: Belote Prieto Picudo

    Varieties: 100% Prieto Picudo.

    Winery: Belote Vinos de Cueva

    Designation of Origin: DO Tierra de León