Anima Mundi

Anima MundiAt Anima Mundi, our awareness of nature has led us to undertake this new challenge, perfecting the technique of observation and learning.
We have learned to pay attention to what surrounds us in order to preserve the true character of the grape in its most expression genuine from the land where it was born, working in accordance with the message it transmits to us, understanding each of the nuances it gives us.
We can only make living wines through living soils, which is why we work to increase the microbiological activity in the soil, looking for a plant-mineral balance.
We do not abandon knowledge or constant learning, but base it on a deep awareness of purity and minimal intervention. We do not intervene in the cellar, nothing is added, but we guide the wine by studying and understanding its needs in order to preserve the personality and vitality of the origin.
In the cellar, fermentation takes place in different containers such as old French oak, clay from amphorae and cement. The fermentations follow the course set by the indigenous yeasts of the vintage, we do not add sulphites or filter the wines.
Our work is measured with love towards the origin, time and natural rhythms.

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