Tierra de León

DO Tierra de León
The first documentary news about the history of the DO Tierra de León dates back to the early tenth century. They serve as an indicator to establish the two economic sources on which the territories under its influence were based, the mills for cereal processing. and the vineyards.

To the being the geographic scope of the mention DO Leon quite ample, and to include the zone of influence of two shores; Esla and Cea, is located under the broad context of the Mediterranean climate domain in its cold variant. Although the influence of the Atlantic and the North should soften its temperatures and make abundant precipitations, the high altitude of the plateau where it is and the edge of the mountainous relief of the Cantabrian mountain range, modify the climatic characteristics, giving rise to a strong continentality.
First, a rigorous and extensive winter period during which persistent fogs and frosts occur.
An irregular spring period, alternating mild temperatures with the dreaded spring frosts.
An irregular summer period, alternating hot and arid periods with other cold ones that give the calculation a mild character, always placing the average temperature of the warmer months above 20º C.
A mild and generally rainy autumn that favors a good end of maturation.
Second, extreme temperatures between day and night. Conditioning and favorable factor for the accumulation of grape polyphenols and the enhancement of aromas.

Also worth mentioning is the average annual rainfall, which is around 500 mm., Distributed during the summer and autumn periods.

And finally, high brightness in the area, with an average of 2,700 hours of sunshine per year, which favors a uniform ripening of the grapes.

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    Belote Prieto Picudo 2016


    Wine: Belote Prieto Picudo

    Varieties: 100% Prieto Picudo.

    Winery: Belote Vinos de Cueva

    Designation of Origin: DO Tierra de León